the whir of vacuums after closing
slowly cleaning up the fragments of the illusions you used to believe in

Everything’s changing.

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I swear. Right now. My irritation level is through the roof and I just want to shout and cry and cuss. God. Damn.

I don’t know how I’m surviving work today.

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I just started writing my two weeks’ notice and spontaneously burst into a mess of tears.

shit is getting real.

I’m the epitome of corny

『2 weeks ago · 2 notes

those people that take forever at the bank machine and you’re waiting there wanting to scream. I JUST WANT TO TAKE OUT A 20 IT TAKES 2 SECONDS

『2 weeks ago · 1 note

I started up my sideblog so that people can see what I’m doing up to and including my time with JET… hopefully I stay committed enough to making it a thing hahahah

『3 weeks ago · 1 note

Officially graduated with my second degree today then ran off to the airport to spend a few days in Vancouver for my aunt’s wedding~

Now I’m finally rolling around in my hotel room watching YouTube vids. I have the biggest crush on Matt Schueller (booshoe37). Lawd

『1 month ago · 2 notes

two new things in my life
1. I’m wearing a hat
2. I have facial hair

somebody call the news outlets this is major

『1 month ago · 1 note

Just finished NagiAsu. Excuse me as I go cry and suffer from withdrawl

『1 month ago · 1 note

I’m going to dub what I’m experiencing as emotion sickness. All this change and activity in a short period of time is causing me to feel excitement and anxiety at the same time.

I kind of hate the feeling right now ugh. 

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currently watching Nagi no Asukara and crying that I can’t be at Anime North for yet another year. gat damn.

This show is good though~

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