well that’s weird to put down in writing

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when you get up for an 8am dentist appointment hung over from the previous night and they basically tell you that you didn’t need to come and that everything is fine WHY

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the whir of vacuums after closing
slowly cleaning up the fragments of the illusions you used to believe in

Everything’s changing.

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I swear. Right now. My irritation level is through the roof and I just want to shout and cry and cuss. God. Damn.

I don’t know how I’m surviving work today.

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I just started writing my two weeks’ notice and spontaneously burst into a mess of tears.

shit is getting real.

I’m the epitome of corny

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those people that take forever at the bank machine and you’re waiting there wanting to scream. I JUST WANT TO TAKE OUT A 20 IT TAKES 2 SECONDS

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I started up my sideblog so that people can see what I’m doing up to and including my time with JET… hopefully I stay committed enough to making it a thing hahahah

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Officially graduated with my second degree today then ran off to the airport to spend a few days in Vancouver for my aunt’s wedding~

Now I’m finally rolling around in my hotel room watching YouTube vids. I have the biggest crush on Matt Schueller (booshoe37). Lawd

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two new things in my life
1. I’m wearing a hat
2. I have facial hair

somebody call the news outlets this is major

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Just finished NagiAsu. Excuse me as I go cry and suffer from withdrawl

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